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Tom Wei, Co-founder and Chairman and Richard Fung, Co-founder and CEO, CBC-China Broadband CommunicationsTom Wei, Co-founder and Chairman and Richard Fung, Co-founder and CEO
Extensive, strong, and stable network connectivity is not just about the young millennials and their smartphones and broadband internet today; it has more to offer. For organizations in this hypercompetitive market, it is the backbone for them to achieve the best network connectivity to seamlessly execute their day-to-day business operations and expand their connections with others in the market. Similarly, in the Chinese market, it is an absolute cornerstone that organizations have top-notch connectivity to span their wings. It is here that CBC-China Broadband Communications comes into the picture, assisting organizations in connecting beyond China.

In 2008 Tom Wei and Richard Fung, with their common goal of helping foreign companies to set up effective network access for their China-based operations, came up with CBC. They witnessed the insufficient network connectivity status in China, where bundling local network connectivity with the international ones was complex, hindering many companies from getting the required approvals and licenses. This exposed them to the prevailing market opportunity for establishing CBC to address the shortcomings and offer end-to-end reliable and secure ICT solutions. Today, CBC is China’s leading Managed Network Service Provider with a comprehensive suite of next-generation communication services.

CBC offers the CBC Secure SD-WAN eNet Connect that is an agile, cloud-based SD-WAN, Network as a Service. The Elastic Cloud Router allows users to use virtual routers at any location within the CBC’s eNet fabric or their public cloud environment. The product also features SD-WAN as-a-Service and security as-a-Service. The cloud-based firewalls, Unified Threat Management, DNS, and SSL VPN solutions work with the network services.
Further, CBC SD-WAN enables simplified installation through its Zero touch provisioning, which automatically configures the devices and reduces the manual effort. Annexed more to the feature list is the 4G capability enabled through the 4G sim cards pre-installed in the devices allowing quick startup and backups. The eNet fabric extends congestion-free network across the globe with multiple Internet options, including IPv4, IPv6, or conventional MPLS.

One of the other prime products is Cloud Connect, setting up the seamless private connection between public clouds like Azure, AWS, and Alibaba Cloud and the offices and data centers, utilizing the well-acclaimed CBC Ethernet and MPLS network. The Cloud Connect offers reliable, secure, and faster private networking connectivity with granular bandwidth options, multi-cloud networking, and AWS Direct Connect. Besides, CBC provides a dedicated Ethernet point-to-point connectivity, and Layer 3 extension of the user’s IP VPN private network into the public cloud.

In the wake of the pandemic, several employees across organizations faced issues in their work from home practice. Working remotely gave them inferior experiences, with difficulty accessing Intranet and cloud applications. CBC, at this juncture, offered eNet Connect remote office solutions to the customers. This allowed all of their employees, 350 in number, to work remotely across three cities, with seamless access to Intranet and cloud, and achieve less than 1 percent packet loss.

CBC is backed by its experienced team of ICT veterans with profound expertise in the global market. They have a dedicated R&D team that streamlines adopting agile approaches and develops software-defined solutions for the Chinese market. They also have a proficient and diverse management team with professional telco experience operating.

CBC follows a customer-first culture to render a best-in-class experience for the customers. Besides, with world-class customer service capabilities, serving as a one-stop-shop for ICT solutions, CBC has evolved as one of China’s leading IP services providers.

With the holistic catalog of solutions and their constant effort of upgrading the technologies and offer clients with best services, CBC has become a cornerstone in the network services space. Unparallel commitment to benefit customers is paving ways for CBC to create future-proof services for the customers, helping them thrive.
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CBC-China Broadband Communications

CBC-China Broadband Communications

Beijing, China

Tom Wei, Co-founder and Chairman and Richard Fung, Co-founder and CEO

China's leading Managed Network Service Provider, offering a full suite of communications services including dark fiber, wavelength, Ethernet leased lines, IP VPN, IDC, and the more recent SD-WAN and Cloud Services